Vision and sound

I have a strong passion for making things sound and feel the way just right for the band/artist, no matter if its rock, pop or death-metal.

It is important to me, to listen to my clients vision and find the sound of the band or the artist, together – and not just “slap” my sound on top of their art. I believe that every band or artist, should stand out for themselves, and not just be a copy, of someone else.

My Background

I have played drums since I was 4 years old. I co-founded Withering Surface when I was 13, and later joined bands like Invocator, Black Book Lodge and Stella Blackrose. I have also done a lot of session work for different projects, ranging from pop to metal, so I have a solid rhythmical and creative background. 

I have a degree in musicology, as well as 3 years of intense musical-training from MGK, and about 13 years of experience as a producer/engineer/mixer, as well as 25 years of experience teaching drums and playing in different bands.

I am a producer who can help with every aspect of a production, ranging from songwriting, pre-production, to recording all types of instruments, helping with song-arrangements, vocal-harmonies, editing, mixing etc, plus I play many different instruments as well.

Others say:

“Jakob is productive, short from words to action and committed.”