I record all kinds of music, mainly acoustic. I have a lot of experience recording bands, and especially drums. I have different places to work from, LAK studios in Albertslund, Copenhagen (see pictures below), as well as my home in Karrebæksminde (near Næstved), and I am also into recording in different locations, so if you have a nice sounding room available, I also do remote recordings.



Session Drumming:

As I am both a professional drummer and producer/engineer, I often help out with tracking drums for projects. Your can hear some of my drumming here:

Black Book Lodge:

Franklin Zoo:

Stella Blackrose:






If you record yourself, please have a look at these guidelines, before sending your project (or preferable, before recording it)

  • Clean up your sessions/tracks.
  • Remove unwanted noise, breaths, pops etc.
  • Consolidate tracks from 0, and export them in 44.1 (or whatever they are recorded at) in 24 or 32bits.
  • Editing drums or other stuff, or tuning vocals is not a mix job.  I can do that as well, but please let me know up front.
  • I always ask for 50% in advance, and the last 50% when you are satisfied with the mix (the mix isn’t done before you are happy with it.)
  • If you record by yourself please be as thorough as possible.
  • Change strings on guitars and basses before recording, and have spare pairs at hand. Make sure your instruments are intonated well, before recording a single note.
  • Always record a di-signal, directly from the guitar.
  • Please change heads on the drumz, and tune them as well as possible, before every take.
  • And please spend some time placing mics.
  • If you dont have a treated room to record vocals in, please use a dynamic mic instead of a condenser, Shure Sm7b is a good choice, but SM58 can work aswell.




Always feel free to ask for guidance before recording stuff.


– Jakob Gundel