I love mixing! Both the project I have recorded and/or produced myself, but also music recorded by you or by other engineers/producers.

I love finding the right sound for each song/band, and I always pay close attention to details, and do what is right for the music, so the song is brought to life, and is presented in the best possible way.

As always, the job is done, when you, the client, are satisfied with the mix, which is a philosophy I have always worked by!

I do offer free test-mixes, if I feel like we would be a good match. Get in touch if you are curious how your music would sound, if it were mixed (and/or mastered) by me.

If you record by yourself, and are not an experienced producer/engineer, I would recommend you to download and read this document with tips and guidelines, and to get in touch with me as early as possible, preferably before recording anything, so I can help you make the best choices for your music. 

Session Drumming

I am both a professional drummer, producer/engineer, and also has 25 years of experience teaching drums. I often help out with tracking drums for projects. Your can hear some of my drumming here:

Black Book Lodge

Franklin Zoo

Stella Blackrose



I used to focus on recording and mixing the projects I have been working on, and then have somebody else do the mastering, but recently I have gotten more and more into it, and also having bands preferring my mastering over some of the top names in the industri. I therefore have gained the knowledge and confidence, to offer this service, in addition to recording, mixing, and session-drumming. I do everything from various digital formats, to DDP’s (cd-master’s) and Vinyl. For a limited time, I will offer this service at a discounted price. I also offer a free test-mastering, if you are curious about what I can do for your music. Get in touch, and we will find a good price for your project. As always, the job is done, when you, the client, are satisfied, which is a philosophy I have always worked by!


I record all kinds of music from pop to metal. I have a lot of experience recording bands, and especially drummers. I record in different locations, mostly in my studio/home in Karrebæksminde, but I also use LAK studios in CPH sometimes. I am also into recording in different locations, so if you have a nice sounding room available, I also do remote recordings, where I bring all the necessary gear.

Others say:

“Jakob is kind, brilliant and accomodating. He is openminded and solution-oriented.”